Friday, July 15, 2011

Walid Shoebat the Con Artist

Since 9/11, there has been an industry of "Ex-Muslims" and "Ex-terrorists" who literally sell fraudulent stories to unsuspecting people. These frauds basically prey on the insecurities of their victims.

One of such frauds, is Walid Shoebat whose claim to fame is that he is an ex-terrorist, therefore, an expert on all terrorism related Issues. Furthermore, he is an ex-Muslim who understands the mindset of Muslims. The problem with all his claims is that there are irreconcilable inconsistencies in his stories.

A few years ago, Shadid Lewis, "MrIslamAnswersback" on Youtube made a video edited together to show these inconsistencies during interviews Walid Shoebat had given, while he also shows how Jorg Luyken of the Jerusalem Post exposed some if the inconsistencies in the Shoebat tale.

On 7/13/11 and 7/14/11, another expose was done of Walid Shoebat, and how his story does not seem to be consistent with reality was aired by CNN's Anderson Cooper's AC360. Watch below;

Part 1 and part 2

He has blamed this CNN investigation on CAIR, with no tangible evidence. On his website, he tries to refute the findings of the investigation by CNN, but all he does is more obfuscation, not giving any extra detail of his alleged involvement with terrorism. For example, in the "fact" section debunking "lie #5" he links to the United Nations' report that mentions bombings around, not of Bank Leumi in 1978. What he seems to have forgotten is that by his own account to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly in the video by Shadid Lewis linked above, his alleged attack on the bank was in 1976, not 1978. Without bothering to prove that he was actually in prison, he links an article by Eileen Fleming, who also casts boubts on Shoebat's story. He seems to not have read the article, because for some reason, he thinks that the article corroborates his claim of being in prison for bombing of the bank, when the article actually calls his story "fictional." A relative did mention according to the article, that he was in prison for "about two weeks in Mascubia Prison" in 1977, not 1976, the year of the alleged bombing. His crime was that he was caught "distributing Palestinian flags," not a terrorism related crime, but perhaps civil unrest/disorderly conduct(which I think is an unjust arrest, if it indeed occurred as described).

In his bid to debunk the exposition of the inconsistencies in his story, he mentions his "cousins" and other relatives with the last name "Shoebat," yet he claims on his website, that his name "Walid Shoebat" is an assumed name.

Is is high time the world became familiar with the fraudulent people amongst us, taking advantage of the uninitiated for their own personal gains.