Saturday, August 2, 2008

Muhammad: "A Fictional Character..."

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

I recently received the hard copy of
this post from a very new acquaintance. This happened after a long and interesting conversation about various topics including religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and occultism.

Without delving into an analysis of the conversation, I would like to address the content of the post. At least, part of the content as the assertions are derived from the same method-- forming a link between expressions in different languages irrespective of exclusivity. The author of the content of the post claims that personalities like Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Ishmael, Jesus, and Muhammad(pbut) are fictional, and gives " the Whites and their offspring" the credit.

According to the post, "Muhammad" is a corruption of "Mu Hap Meht." Even though both expressions may sound alike and an argument of borrowing/corruption may seem plausible to someone who is unaware of both languages(Arabic and Kamit), both expressions have starkly different meanings.

The author of the post says that "Mu Hap Meht" means "waters of the northern Nile." However, "Muhammad" means "one who is praised." These two meanings are clearly different. Muhammad is derived from two expressions; 'Mu' and 'Hamd.' It is evident that even after breaking down both expressions, the root words are not synonymous.

There is proof that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) did exist and was not just "a fictional character." The Qur'an that was revealed through him is still alive in print and in memory. The people who lived during his time; companions and foes, attest to his existence and noble character.
The Prophet(pbuh) was buried here and these are some of his possesions.

Wa salam.

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